Federación de Cooperativas Agrarias de Murcia

The Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Murcia (FECOAM) was created in 1985 with the aim of Representation, Arbitration, Advisory and Information, Participation, Training and Promotion of the agricultural cooperatives. Nowadays it includes 77 agricultural associations representing about twenty thousand farmers only in the Region of Murcia which is about 90% of agriculture cooperatives in the Region .It also belongs to the Confederation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Spain (CCAE) to the national community and to the Committee of the General Union of Agricultural European Cooperatives (COGECA), based in Brussels.

FECOAM organises counselling services for its partners, as well as audit, legal and technical assistance and all necessary to the general interests of its partners:

To participate, when the government so requests, in order to improve legal agreements and economic institutions in the agricultural sector.

To promote and elaborate training programs, including the rehabilitation of workers or unemployed people in the agricultural and farming sector.

To encourage participation of its members in European  R&D projects.

To promote and disseminate the agricultural cooperative movement through training and communication.

Currently FECOAM represents 11 sectors in the Region of Murcia: Flowers, Nuts, Livestock and animal Feed, Vegetables, Olive oil, Wine, Citrus, Apricot and Green Plum, Peaches and other fruits, and General Supplies.

Contact Data

Ana Romojaro
Phone: +34 968 35 12 82
C/Caballero, 13; 30002 MURCIA, ESPAÑA