Idrodepurazione was set up in 1977 and boasts over 30 years’ experience in civil and industrial wastewater treatment, as well as in the treatment and recycling of the organic matter coming from the agro-food industry, and in stormwater recycling and reusing. Has developed various standard lines of prefabricated plantssuitable for the phytodepuration of civil sewage, for the treatment of small-medium communities wastewater, for the treatment of car washing plants outflow and for the treatment and rain water flow control.

Idrodepurazione Division integrates has built its skills and experience in the design and installation of turn-key, medium-large industrial plants for the treatment and recycling of both civil and industrial wastewater, biogas recovery and storage, air deodorization, as well as the treatment of organic solid waste.

Lambro Division integrates the expertise collected by Idrodepurazione in the realization of big industrial plants, according to the demands of each and every small user, addressing to private customers or technicians who may need to purchase some devices for water purification and potabilization.

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