PLASTIPOLIS has been officially appointed on 12th July 2005, as France’s competitiveness cluster for the plastic industry sector. Plastipolis has more than 250 active members (industrial companies, R&D centres, training centres,…).

Plastipolis’ mission

  • Promote the growth of the French plastics industry and find new applications through technological innovation.
  • Inspire small and medium business in the plastics industry to innovate
  • Improve the sharing of industrial and academic skills through networking and establishing new partnerships.

Plastipolis has established six main research and development axes to create pathways for new innovative projects:

  • Micro- and nano-structuring : Development of products with new features in the field of micro-plastics.
  • Materials and compounds: Mastering of materials and interactions between materials and processes.
  • Intelligent products : Extension of the plastics sector to the world of electronics to bring new features to products.
  • Tools and processes : Reduction in design time, production time and related costs and search for products which are richer in functions
  • Composites: Development of composite materials in various growing markets.
  • Eco-plastics : Integration of the overall development approach in the design, manufacture and use of products.

Contact Data
Charlotte THEVENET
Département Innovation technologique
PLASTIPOLIS – Pôle de compétitivité Plasturgie
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